Family Tourism

With the experience and know-how acquired working with children and young people, we have also decided to offer entertainment to families: adults and children. We have adapted programmes and holiday camps to adult customers with children, creating more services, with more variety and greater comfort.

This product is offered in the Rosa dels Vents holiday camps at weekends, holidays, Easter and during the month of August or summer holidays. Each establishment proposes a programme of totally distinct sports and leisure activities, with separate and joint activities for children and adults.

Encouraged by the approval achieved, we have supplemented the programmes with Theme Weekends offering activities based on a single theme: Halloween, Asterix and Obelix, Harry Potter, Carnival, Castellers (human towers) and Snow White, amongst others; a world of magic, emotions and experiences made available for families.

Family tourism is a crossover product between business areas. RV Hotels also offer Rosa dels Vents entertainment.