Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible with the environment

We operate in an ethical way in order to be more sustainable and add social value to our activities while ensuring minimum impact.

Our commitments
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Control of emissions and consumption through daily readings.Circulo
  • Use of bulk packaging to reduce the generation of waste.Circulo
  • Food collection and delivery to the food bankCirculo
  • Reduced contribution to global warming. We use electricity free of CO₂ and elimination of R22 gas.Circulo
  • We collaborate with Respira to plant 50 trees every 18 months, saving 1,665 t of CO₂/year.Circulo
  • Energy audit to reduce and optimize energy consumption. Circulo
  • We promote sustainable mobility through the use of bicycles and electric vehicles.Circulo
  • Using the digital environment to reduce resources.Circulo
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CirculoRecycling of simple and complex waste (cooking oil, ink, cartridges...).
  • CirculoCertificate Environmental ISO 14.001 Emissions certificates by establishment.
  • CirculoReplacement of inefficient thermal generation equipment for equipment with the latest technology.
  • CirculoAutomated systems:
    • Dosing pool products
    • Control of irrigation time
    • Sectorization of thermal comfort zones
    • Lighting control using sensors
  • CirculoReduction of energy losses Continuous improvement of the tightness of our buildings by isolating and optimizing heating circuits and sanitary hot water.
  • CirculoCertified Biosphere from the Responsible Tourism Institute.
  • CirculoBiosphere Certificate from the Responsible Tourism Institute.